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A blog dedicated to Diggy (Daniel Dwayne Simmons III). At 19 years old, rapper and fashion enthusiast Diggy has established himself as a JetSetter and a Young icon in the making, destined for greatness.

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Unexpected Arrival

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What's going on! Love your Diggy page. Diggy will be surprising a few students who signed up for our #TimesSquareYearbook. Can you help share with all the Jetsetters? Thank you so much! Signup on getschooleddotcom/times-square-yearbook
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Check this out ^

Hey guys, so I just wanted somewhere to share my opinions on this forthcoming album from our Daniel.

Having listened to #MYGIRL, I know that Diggy is focused on having a more mature sound. Curse words are no longer a stranger to the JSG, which I don’t think is an issue as I think most people do it anyway. So long as it’s not excessive. 

I love My Girl, it’s a nice chill song and I believe you can play it around anyone who isn’t a JetSetter. However, I feel that Trevor’s vocals overshadowed Diggy’s sections as it felt more like Trevor Jackson ft Diggy. He sang for a bit too long in my opinion, although his vocals are beautiful.

I am anticipating the forthcoming album from Daniel and as my favourite mixtape is PPF, I really hope this album embodies some of that raw old school essence. 

{NEW MUSIC} Diggy ft Trevor Jackson - My Girl!

The first single off Diggy’s forthcoming album

Sneaky previews of Diggy in the studio working on new music and material for us JetSetters! Can’t wait to hear it all! 

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Do you have Round The Way Girl (feat. Jacob Latimore) for download?
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sure: link

[NEW MUSIC] Leaked

Diggy ft Justin Bieber - Can’t Wait


diggy-ua-hypeandgeniusAs a dedicated JetSetter since 2009 today comes as such a proud day! March 20th 2014 marks the 2 year anniversary of Diggy’s debut album Unexpected Arrival. In honour of this day I would just like to personally talk about Diggy’s journey to where he is now and how he has helped me along the way.

As a 14/15 year old kid I actually started my first blog ‘Dream//Believe//Achieve’ which has lead on…

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Great post! 2 years since Unexpected Arrival, congratulations Diggy <3


I did a mashup of Shot for me by Drake and 4 Letter Word by Diggy Simmons. Check it out!!

I enjoyed this, well done!

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